Promoting the proper habit of keeping oneself clean and fresh

We deliver respectful, sensitive care and assistance to our clients. We understand how maintaining proper hygiene and the presentability of one’s self improve physical health, confidence, and social interaction. However, certain conditions may limit one’s capability to bathe, eat, and dress alone and independently. As such, we at Anytime Assist Home Care offer personal care services to help them follow proper hygiene practices, thus, keeping them clean and fresh daily. The level of our assistance will also depend on their present capability to accomplish tasks by themselves without much dependence on others. We do this so they can improve or maintain their independence while ensuring physical wellness and safety on the process of performing tasks.

Get in Touch

Contact us for more information. Anytime Assist Home Care is always here to assist you with your care needs. Our care coordinators also welcome those who wish to have a face-to-face discussion about their care needs. Just set an appointment with us, and we’ll reach out to you once we confirmed your schedule.