Make Sure Your Elder Adheres to Medication Using These Tools


Medication adherence is a serious issue that must be addressed for people to maximize benefits from their prescriptions. It is a significant concern among the elderly, especially those who suffer from dementia and are confined to home care in Memphis, Tennessee.

In addition to available supplies, one of the most cited causes for non-adherence among elders is scheduling. Some elders are unable to remember the schedules of their medicines, especially if they’re maintaining more than three prescriptions at once.

As a caregiver, it is one of your responsibilities to make sure your charges take their medicines when needed. But, of course, we’re all just human. Even caregivers can forget which drug to take at what time, so it’s essential to devise tricks or use tools to aid the memory.

Here are a few tools that can help senior care specialists and their clients ensure medication adherence 100% of the time:

  • Medicine organizers
    These devices allow you to group medicines according to what day they should be taken. However, they cannot mark time, so you’d need a second tool to supplement medicine organizers.
  • Mobile alarm clock app
    That default alarm clock app in your Android or iOS device can do wonders for your client’s medication management. Take the time to set up individual alarms for each specific medicine.
  • Wall calendars
    We don’t always carry our mobile devices when we’re at home. Putting up a wall calendar or small bulletin board in strategic places in the house can aid the memory of the caregiver or the other family members.

Medication adherence is a team effort between the client’s family and the provider of elderly care in Tennessee.

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