Ways for Delaying the Progress of Alzheimer’s Disease

ways-for-delaying-the-progress-of-alzheimer’s-diseaseThe way the science currently looks like, there is no cure yet to cancel out the progressive degeneration of the brain experienced by people with dementia. Scientists are still trying to identify what factors can cause the brain to shrink as it does with Alzheimer’s disease and any other form of dementia.

Until they can identify the causative factors, experts can hope to work on a cure that can reverse the progress of dementia. The good news, however, is that there are ways that the progress of the brain disease can be delayed.

Take note that individual risk factors vary from one person to another, which means that the rate of progress in one patient is either faster or slower than the others. On the other hand, some factors governing the progress of dementia can be controlled and can be slowed down.

All it takes is a major lifestyle adjustment, and this is generally effective even for dementia patients already under elderly care in Tennessee. Here are a few of those habits worth cultivating:

    • Regular exercise
    • Proper stress management
    • Consumption of healthy foods and drinks
    • Enough sleep every day
    • Frequent engagement in mentally stimulating activities

Patients who are already receiving care for dementia can make these lifestyle changes with the help of their families and their dedicated caregiver.

This is one of the reasons why patients with dementia can benefit greatly when committed to home care in Memphis, Tennessee. They get to recover in a familiar environment, surrounded by people they know and trust.

Alzheimer’s Disease patients need personalized care plans to address their circumstances. That’s where Anytime Assist Home Care can help. Don’t hesitate to contact us now!

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